Our Doctors

Linda R. Wensing, DPM

Why do so many active people trust me with their ankle and foot care?

"Because the care I offer does more than mask the symptoms. Today's advanced diagnostic methods and treatments enable me to provide you with relief that's faster, more effective, and longer-lasting than ever before."

An outstanding education forms the foundation of a successful practice.

"My greatest challenge is to apply all I've learned to giving every patient the best possible care."

"It's not the titles and honors that are important. It's the dedication to providing outstanding patient care that they represent."

Hospital affiliations ensure you the highest quality care.

"Peer review during hospital surgical procedures gives you the benefit of more than one doctor watching over you."

Hospital Privileges:

Dr. Linda Wensing is originally from Ocean City, NJ and currently lives with her husband Thomas and their three children in Quincy. She is a former collegiate basketball player and now enjoys coaching her children. She is a member of Melrose United Methodist Church and her hobbies include fitness and cooking.